~ Narnia ~

10 January 2006

today, we only got to upload one day of photo and one entry of the Japan trip. Singapore has finally stopped raining, so we took a break from the computer. we took Koda for a long walk and later that evening, we went to watch the Chronicle of Narnia.

the movie was entertaining and quite captivating. i read the book on the way back from Japan and remembered that i had read the first few chapters of the book when i was a little… the whole wardrobe thing was very memorable. there were a few dull moments here and there, but i think i like it as a whole. and, oh, ari said, there are some parts where the CG messed up. in the scene when the Lion came out of the tent, you can see the ropes that tying the tent up through the lion’s body… hee hee. semi-transparent lion.