~ mom’s visit ~

18 December 2005

on her way to Jakarta — from Melbourne, Australia — my mom stopped by our house today. she landed around 5 in the morning, and flew to Jakarta around 5 in the afternoon. so we spent most of the time sitting around at our house, talking.

it’s my mom’s first time visiting our home in Singapore. she seemed to like it. she also said that it’s quite clean, which is a huuuuge compliment coming from her. my mom is a neat freak, and i’m saying this in the nicest possible way. she’s very good at cleaning stuff and maintaining them that way. her house is always spotless. wash basins are all shiny. the floor and shelves are dustless. in her garden, there is no dead leaf laying on the ground because she would pick ‘em up by hand…. one by one.

so, when my mom says “quite clean”, that means a lot to us, because our house is far from spotless, dustless etc. although, we had to admit that the day before my mom arrived, ari and i spent a few hours scrubbing our kitchen and bathroom… hehehe.

anyways, my mom also brought us the Christmas gift from Fenny, a box of yummy chocolate:

chocolate from Fenny

she also took a few copies of my brother’s, Ramanda’s, comics that have been released in the States. Ramanda moved out of the States early this month, and just arrived in Melbourne two days ago. he brought along some goodies that he created while he was there…

Ramanda's comics

Mom also brought us our winter stuff. that includes my winter jacket that i used to wear when i was in New York, a few scarves and hats and some tights. she also bought a scarf and hat for ari. i think we’re now set for our Japan trip. yay!

~ comment (5) ~

i wish i can be as neat freak as your mom! i’m so lazy! does your mom open a course on how to be a neat freak? lemme enrol to that one!

Rani | 19 December 2005 - 12:28 | reply

i wish i could do the same. i just don’t have enough commitment and persistence in terms of keeping my house clean.

and i think if she was teaching a course, it would be in Melbourne… pretty far, eh? :P

thalia | 19 December 2005 - 11:28 | reply

iya gue inget rumah Mamamu selalu rapiiii.. beda sama gw yg tukang berantakin barang dan ogah beres2.

Sabtu kemaren reunian Thal, ketemu Asti akhirnya. jadi genduuuttt.. hehe… Ediana lagi hamil 3 bulan. trus ada Erya Putra & Ciko, inget ga, temen SD kita dulu?

yanti | 19 December 2005 - 02:08 | reply

oh, akhirnya ketemu alamatnya asti ya? waaa, ada foto2nya ga? pengen banget liat asti gendut! gila, ga kebayang banget!

oh iya. weird, malem kemaren ini, masa gue ngimpi si erya putra itu? padahal gue aja ngga inget nama dia siapa sebelum baca posting elo yang ini. ngimpinya semasa TK… hahaha.

thalia | 19 December 2005 - 11:30 | reply

sorry to intrude on the above comments
I just wanted to say that my big help in being successful at tackling household chores has been thru fly lady
have you heard of her?

bella derose | 23 December 2005 - 11:19 | reply