~ Pentako + Ulrich’s trip ~

16 December 2005

yay! Pentako and Ulrich have arrived safely in Netherlands! it really took only a week for them to get to Yasmina’s place.

these photos are taken from Yasmina’s Flickr account:



Yasmina was about to move to Milano, and i was worried that the animals wouldn’t get there on time and ended up being left out in Netherland. but thank god, it got there before she moved.

after all that worries, i now envy my own crochet animals… Yasmina told me that she and Robert (her hubby) are going to stop by Germany on their way to Milano. i’ve been wanting to go to those places, and now my little animals end up there before i do…

~ comment (2) ~

heheh, tuh kan, saking ngantuknya gue, pas berangkat pagi-pagi, pentako + ulrich ketinggalan, jadi ga foto-foto di jerman deh :( kita ke tempatnya kathya/chocokat.

we are now back in NL, will fly to milan on 23rd…

yasmina | 18 December 2005 - 08:10 | reply

hahaha, ga papa lah. lagian, gue masih ngiri mereka bakalan ke milan…

thalia | 19 December 2005 - 11:41 | reply