~ ResFest + Alfa ~

26 November 2005

ari and i were supposed to go to Resfest in the morning, but we woke up late. last night, Alfa, ari and i talked and talked until 4 in the morning (started at our home, then went to the Katong Laksa for dinner, then hit that German bar in the Holland V until they kicked us out when they were closing, so we ended up back at our home)… and i slept through the alarm. if Alfa didn’t knock on our door, we would’ve slept until… god knows when.

oh yeah, Alfa in Singapore for her usual work stuff. today, she came to visit our home and met Koda. since we couldn’t stop talking, she ended up sleeping over. koda was so happy…

anyways, we ended up in Resfest for the afternoon session.


we caught two of the many sessions: the By Design short movies, and the Culture as Commodity talks. interesting stuff… more inspiring than the past DesignEdge.

we’re gonna be there again tomorrow. hopefully, this time we’ll be there in the morning.

~ comment (2) ~

aicks.. alfa ada di singapore? somse ga kontak2 gue..

Rani | 27 November 2005 - 07:05 | reply

iya, tapi udah pulang lagi tadi malem. dia sibuk banget!

thalia | 27 November 2005 - 11:39 | reply