~ DesignEdge 2005 ~

12 November 2005

in the past three days, ari and i have been waking up early (that’s rare). we’ve been going to the DesignEdge 2005 conference and meeting cool people, like the guy below :)

tofuhead and tofuhead

the conference itself fell way below my expectation. the some of the speakers were kinda bland. to make it worse, on the second day of the conference, there was some dramas where the audience started to verbally attack the speakers and the organizers… what a humiliating mess…

with that said, i like DELTA’s stuff, (he came to Singapore on July last year), who were the first presenter on the first day. he translated his graffiti into 3-d sculptures, interactive shockwave movies, over-sized robot sculpture and even a arcade game. very cool! my favorite is his Urban Mould project. you can check out his stuff on his website.

D-Fuse’s and UVA’s presentation is quite mindblowing. UVA’s light show and D-Fuse’s Brilliant City is definitely a must-see.

Faile’s booth is very packed. i wish i could see them doing the silkscreening closer and take pictures, but being short, all i saw was other people’s back.

Ian Anderson, from The Designer’s Republic, also saved the conference. he was the first speaker on the third day. too bad that on that day, a lot of people have stopped attending the conference. there were a lot of empty chairs.

despite of that, attending conferences is always nice… we got to meet face to face with people who we’ve only been in touch by emails. we got to meet new people and contacts (always bring your business cards!). i even got to meet a junior highschool friends whom last time i met was over 15 years ago… i thought that’s pretty crazy, because after that many years, she still recognized me!

we took a few photos during the conference, although their quality is kinda borderline bad… i don’t have steady hands :(

on a related note, after the second day of the conference, ari and i also went to Phunk Studio’s show, Decade of Decadence, which commemorate their 10th year anniversary. we, of course, took some photos, as well :)