~ bed frame ~

14 November 2005

our mattress is still sitting on the floor. we haven’t found a bed frame that we like. and the one we had back in New York (which we loved!) is currently in my parents’ garage in Jakarta… shipping it to Singapore would cost us much much more than the bed frame worth.

then, i found this bed frame from De La Espada:


it’s perfect! the design is simple. we like low beds. that way, if we fall off the bed, it won’t hurt too much. it’s headboard-less too, which is one of my requirement. but check out the (over)price! we can only afford bed frame that costs 1/20 of the price listed…

~ comment (2) ~

I remembered eyeing this kind of design at IKEA Berlin. It’s quite cheap (well, it’s IKEA). Too bad I am not staying for good in Berlin, if that’s the case I will definitely buy that low bed =).

avianto | 14 November 2005 - 12:40 | reply

they have it in IKEA Berlin? i wish they have that kind of design in IKEA singapore… all the bed frames here are large and bulky :(

thalia | 14 November 2005 - 01:59 | reply