~ desks + shelves ~

04 August 2005

the IKEA stuff we ordered last Monday has arrived. that means, we got our working desks. our computers are no longer sitting on the floor! our backs shouldn’t hurt as much anymore! hooray!

the main room now looks like this with our computers on each desks.

ikea stuff

ari got the window view, while mine is the one near the stairs. i like my spot, but we may change it around again. we still need a nice rug, small cabinets and chairs, though. right now, we’re using our dining chairs. but it’s much better than laying down on the floor!

this is how the room looked like earlier this afternoon:

ikea stuff
the white shelf is now located where ari was in the picture.

there were so many things to build! we still have two other shelves (one for books and the other one for the back room to store our gardening stuff) and a whole storage unit for our clothes. oh, and we have to install the railings for curtains for all the rooms…

but those have to wait until tomorrow morning. we have some work to do and it’s the time to enjoy the new desks… woohoo!

~ comment (2) ~

Nice house you got there.
I’ve never been to S’pore, hopefully someday.
Anyway, Nice pics and nice to meet u.

Naomi S | 6 August 2005 - 05:52 | reply

thanks! and nice to meet you too :D

thalia | 6 August 2005 - 11:06 | reply