~ furnitures! ~

01 August 2005

i’m still obsessed over the new house. i sweep everything everyday… twice: morning and evening. it’s pretty easy to sweep, since there is practically no furniture.

today, though, we went furniture shopping at (what else!) IKEA. at the end of the day, we dragged THREE shopping carts full of stuff. three!! gosh, this is almost as close as the time i moved from Pennsylvania to New York, where i rented and drove a small truck to do furniture shopping.

we got two working desks, two large bookshelves, one more medium sized shelf for the backroom, a whole shelving units for our wardrobe (that fits in one whole shopping cart), curtains for all five rooms along with the long rods to hang them, a few towels, rugs, and tons of small stuff for the kitchen and bathroom.

we ended up pay for delivery for two shopping-cart-full, and the other cart fit in one taxi cab. at least, this time i don’t have to rent a truck.

we do need those, though. right now, we basically lay down in front of our laptop computers, since they are sitting on the floor. our pile of clothes are also on the floor, next to our on-the-floor mattress. and our pile of books are occupying the floor of the other room.

our artworks are also on the floor.

it’s about time to move them off the floor.

the IKEA people will deliver all the goods on Thursday, so i guess, next weekend will be assembling time. i can’t wait! i’ve already taken out the hammer and screwdrivers out of the boxes and put them neatly on… the floor.

~ comment (6) ~

you don’t need furniture for the living room, just get lots of large pillows like the fatboys, a nice projector so you can watch movies on your white wall, hahaha, asik kan tuh…

i used to also keep framed pics lined up against the wall on the floor, hehe, ngga punya drill sih!

so when am i invited round to watch some studio ghibli movies?

yasmina | 2 August 2005 - 01:08 | reply

waah! you read my mind!! ari and i are shopping for projector! we may end up renting it instead of buying one… we’re planning to have it running during the housewarming party… which we haven’t decide when, hehe. but you’re invited to come by :D and any days after that to watch ghibli movies!

thalia | 2 August 2005 - 12:07 | reply

can you paint the walls, thal? i once did it in my old apt. it adds warmth instantly. in my new apt, i can’t drill the walls. but since it’s a 1930 building, the walls have rims for hanging picts. i wish i could drill, i’d go crazy!

novs | 2 August 2005 - 02:23 | reply

yep, we can do anything to the apartment. we can even re-do the flooring if we wanted to. the only thing we can’t do it changing the facade of the house, including painting. but the inside is free for all… hehe.

we’re planning to paint and (maybe, if affordable) make our own custom wallpaper… it’ll be fun, but it’ll also have to wait until we got most of the stuff in the house settled :)

thalia | 2 August 2005 - 12:10 | reply

emang gitu thal, kalo rumah baru pasti sering banget dibersihin, sampe bagian yg detail2 diperatiin… :D

kayanya a combination a gray and white would be nice, karena rumah gw cet dalemnya gitu, kombinasi gray tua, muda dan putih, trus pasang lampu gantung yg bulet warna putih… :D hehehehee

yoel | 2 August 2005 - 11:19 | reply

iya nih! masih kesenengan… ga tau deh bbrp minggu lagi, masih serajin ini apa engga. haha.

iya, kita juga lagi nyari lampu gantung! hihihi.

thalia | 2 August 2005 - 12:14 | reply