~ about me - record ~

16 May 2005

this is the about me blurbs on this date. i put it here as a record, because i’m changing the format.

hi, i’m thalia. and i dislike peanut butter.

i’m a 30-year-old girl who lives in Singapore with her husband, Ari, and her three stuffed pandas. before Singapore, i used to live in a few other places. Pennsylvania, New York City, Jakarta, Bandung, and Melbourne are places where i stayed more than a year.

other than city-hopping, i’ve done a few job-hopping as well. i once worked as a web designer, an information architect, a reporter for a newspaper, a car-interior designer (for a very short time), an engineer who supposed to design the cooling system of power supplies — didn’t work well, i dislike being a mechanical engineer, a head of a Project Management Office, and a waiter in a Japanese/Sushi restaurant. currently, i work as a graphic and new media designer in a small company founded by me and my husband.

now, for more random info: i have fascination with monsters and robots. i daydream that i’m a cartoon character with a third eye on my forehead. i read tons and tons of comics and mangas. i like playing video games as much as i like watching people playing one. i love going to different places. i’m addicted to colored contacts. i like to draw and paint, although i don’t get to do it as often as i would like to. i keep a digital scrapbook. i drink mostly water and tea with no sugar, because i can’t stand soda (the fizz hurts my tongue and make my eyes watery). i sleep with three stuffed pandas; i talk to them before i go to sleep, and they do talk back. i’m currently into knitting, although i still suck at it… hehe. need more? here is 100 of them.