~ Pizzicato Five book ~

13 May 2005


we went shopping and bought a new book: tokyo mon amour: pizzicato five retrospective. we loved the band. we mourned when they broke up. we also can’t get enough of their goodies… they always have great looking CD covers. so, when the book was released, it was immediately goes into our wishlist. and today, we finally got it… (long wait, huh?) and as we thought, the book was awesome!


ps: sorry for the crappy photos… it turned out that our bedroom light was waaaay too dim.

~ comment (2) ~

wow, i love pizzicato five, i have all their albums! waktu itu sih gue pernah liat bukunya di fnac or some design book shop tp mahallll bgt, harganya dicatut abisss….

how r u these days, thal? mau ultah ya bentar lagi?

yasmina | 15 May 2005 - 06:51 | reply

yay! another fan! disini juga lumayan mahal tuh. sekitar SGD50.

elo ntar lagi juga mo ultah kan? :)

thalia | 16 May 2005 - 03:35 | reply