~ wedding invite ~

30 March 2005

have you seen our wedding invitation? it’s a flash file mimicking the printed version.

  • the painting of the bungalow is ari’s watercolor painting. so, it’s not a digital painting.
  • the bungalow in the picture is one of the beautiful little shelters in the Rumah Tanah Baru, where we had our wedding party. so, we thought it was appropriate.
  • the turtles, which was painted in watercolor as well, are one of the little ceramic creatures around the Rumah Tanah Baru. since they are synonymous with longevity, we thought having them on our wedding invitation might bring us luck and longevity… hehe. and turtles are cute. we like cute stuff.

the invite was printed on an off-white paper. very light and has slight texture. we like the way it turned out… :)