~ wedding photos ~

27 March 2005
Wedding - Registration of Marriage
Wedding - Registration of Marriage. 23 December 2004. the real date of our wedding, where our wedding is legally registered in Singapore.
Wedding - Church Ceremony
Wedding - Church Ceremony. 27 December 2005. pictures of our wedding, the church ceremony part, which took part in the morning of 27th of December in Singapore.
Wedding - Dinner
Wedding - Dinner. 27 December 2005. the dinner after the church ceremony. it’s not your typical wedding dinner, though. it’s still in Singapore.
Wedding Party - by Jessi
Wedding Party - by Jessi. 27 March 2005. the unofficial photos of our wedding party in Jakarta. taken mostly by Jessi, ari’s sister.
Wedding Party - by Naomi
Wedding Party - by Naomi. 27 March 2005. another unofficial album of our wedding party in Jakarta. this one is taken by Naomi, my cousin.
Wedding Trivi
Wedding Trivia. 27 March 2005. sixteen trivia cards about ari and i that were scattered around the wedding venue.

i still don’t have the official Jakarta wedding photo, taken by evelyn and yaya. so, this is what we have so far…