~ around Fort Canning ~

19 June 2005
colorful windows

i’ve been meaning to take a photo of the Old Hill Street Police Station building (it’s now full of art galleries), but i kept forgetting taking my old camera with me. now that i bought a new camera, which makes me so snap-happy, i took it everywhere.

anyways, ari and i was walking around the bottom of Fort Canning today, and visited a few museums/gallery along the way. the first one was that building above. there was a chinese calligraphy exhibition in there, but we didn’t get in. we don’t really understand art of chinese calligraphy anyway, so we didn’t we would enjoy it as much.

we passed through the Central Fire Station, and were meaning to get in there… but there were a bunch of kids on tour. so, we left to avoid the crowd and plan to visit there next time.

as we walked further, we ended up at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. where we found bolster hanging on the wall… weird.

but they have a few of old mailboxes used in Singapore waaay back, which i thought looked neat. i wish they still use these instead of the current white boxes.

then we passed through the Asian Civilisation Museum, which has a very pretty building! they have a sculpture of cat sitting on the museum steps, which turned out to be the museum’s mascot. we wanted to see what’s in there, but our feet has killed us. so, this one goes to the “next-time-list”.

i have a few more pictures from today that you can check out. yep. i’ve probably been taking waaay too many pictures lately.

~ comment (2) ~

wow, love the colorful windows!
good shot…

eh thal, kalo elo lagi ga kerjaan, mau temenin kolega gue ga? dia pindah ke singapore tuh, kerja disana, he’s a product designer.

yasmina | 21 June 2005 - 12:56 | reply

boleh :) imel gue atau kasih nomor hp gue aja… ntar kan kita bisa janjian untuk ketemuan.

thalia | 21 June 2005 - 01:40 | reply