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18 June 2005

Ma Maison is our favorite Japanese-style Western restaurant. and since ari and i made a pack (to conserve money) that we only eat out during weekends or to treat guests, Saturday was a good day to go there. they have very tasty food for an okay price. ari’s favorite is the Hambursteak, while mine is the Spaghetti Mentaiko (fish roe).

Ma Maison 2

they also have a beautiful decor. check out those pots and pans behind me. we thought, this visit might give some ideas or inspiration on how we’re going to decorate the new home.

speaking about new home, we had a housewarming party for our dinner. Melvyn just moved a new apartment down in Katong area. to celebrate the move, his dinner was the famous Katong Laksa… yumm. i’ve always liked Katong Laksa. the soup is very tasteful, and i always finish the soup to its last drip no matter how full i am. it’s addicting like that.

after midnight, ari and i met up with Evelyn, Yaya, Agung, Nina and a few more of their friends at Zouk. tonight, James Zabiela was spinning. cute DJ! aww!


but we didn’t stay long. we left around 1:30AM and went straight home from there. it’s been quite a long day…