~ CarrotBot ~

09 June 2005

ari has been wanting to make a small robot. so two days ago, ari and i went to Bras Basah to buy some Crayola’s Model Magic. we didn’t get to play with it until yesterday, due to the amount of real work we needed to get done.

so, yesterday…


we started the Carrot Factory… we called it Carrot Factory because the color of the Model Magic is sooo damn orange and the limbs of our robot resemble carrot sticks.


we had to made a few adjustment to the original design because… well, we’re not that good with clay. we couldn’t make the small and complicated parts needed, so we ditched the parts all together. hehe.


today, after waiting for 24 hours to let the clay dried, we assembled the little robot.

so, hello CarrotBot! welcome to our family…


i think he’s cute… especially those round metal eyes. ari thinks so too. there were some cracks on the arms, but we might putty it up later. we may paint it too, but that comes later, once i get rid of this sickness.


~ comment (2) ~

that is so cuuuuteee!! =)

I wish I was as crafty as you guys

Irene | 10 June 2005 - 01:22 | reply

aw, thank you! ari is very happy to hear that :D

thalia | 10 June 2005 - 12:00 | reply