~ can i call it nightmare? ~

09 June 2005

dammit, now i’m sick…

as a sick person, i mostly sleep during the day, especially since last night i barely got any sleep. and i usually remember the dreams during the day-sleep. this is what i dreamed between 2 to 4PM…

Ari and i made a reservation on this small nameless French restaurant a few days back. it was a lunch reservation (which makes me thinking, who makes lunch reservation these days…).

but i was sick and my stomach doesn’t stop turning and being painful — just like the real life situation. so, we almost canceled the reservation, but this little French restaurant apparently was quite famous and reservations had to be made a few weeks earlier in order to get a seat (or something like that). basically, we didn’t want to lose our chance to eat in this little restaurant.

we passed a McDonald’s on the way to the restaurant, and i remember thinking, “Maybe we should just go to the McDonald’s instead. i don’t want to throw up or do anything stupid in a fancy restaurant.”

Well, i’m sure the food in the French restaurant was good, but my tongue doesn’t taste anything. we didn’t finish our food. in fact, i barely touched them.

the chef (who’s also the owner of the small French restaurant… i think he was French) saw our plates and got very angry. he was upset that we didn’t appreciate his cooking, and he doesn’t wanna hear any reasoning. he kicked us out of his restaurant and black-listed us. “Never come back!!”, he said.

now, not only we blew our chance to try that restaurant out (i didn’t taste anything due to the sickness!), we probably won’t ever get our second chance.

we should’ve gone to the McDonald’s instead…

i’ve been in a lot of pain since last night. i think this dream was the manifestation of my paranoia resulting from the pain.