~ mom’s package ~

03 June 2005

ari was cooking Japanese Curry Rice when a guy carrying a big box knocked on our door. it was around 7:30pm… so that guy must be working overtime…


it was a package from my mom. there is a birthday card slipped among the styrofoam beans with small bookmark for me and a key chain for ari.

but the big stuff is actually loads of kitchen needs. cute glasses, bowls, dishes, water jug, and even a coffee-maker! woohoo… this is great!


there is a small problem that comes with this. our kitchen cabinet in our apartment is so small that we can’t fit these in there. even the fridge is too small to accommodate the water jug… he he. and i don’t want to put it outside on the kitchen table, because our neighbor always cook greasy stuff, and the grease stays in our kitchen. so, we just have to wait till august, when we move the the larger house to start using some of these kitchen tools.

ooh, i can’t wait to move!

ps: i made a big tweak to the rss feed of the site. so, if your feed goes weird and start displaying 10 of the entries all over again, sorry… it was due to the tweak. but hopefully, it doens’t have to do that again.