~ picture + blogbinders ~

02 June 2005

mmkay, the image has nothing to do with the writing below… but that’s okay, right? it’s the view from our bedroom window, down to our right. since we’re going to move to another home in about two months (yes! we got the house! we’re moving in early August! BIG YAY!), i feel like i need to start documenting this apartment that we’re currently living. for memory sake’s… so, there will be an album dedicated to this little apartment in the near future.

now, about the other thing…

blogbinders is neat. you can turn your weblog or online journal into a book, for a quite affordable price.

i can see people wanting to have their journal printed… i can imagine having a maroon-ish leather-cover journal, with gold ink titles… or maybe dark green cover is better than maroon. kinda like those journals in Indiana Jones movies.

but i don’t see the point of printing a weblog… all those links on a weblog would render to nothing on print, no?

linkydink: niuku.net — not much in here, but i really like his photographs.