~ Clarke Quay and all ~

31 May 2005


well, we didn’t go back to Holland Village today. before going further on finding new place to live, we have to make sure that we can leave the current apartment safely. that means, we can break the two-year lease without penalty. so, that’s what we did earlier.

we also went to a few travel agents, trying to find a place where we could go this summer. we’ve bored with Singapore and want to see other places around Asia. too bad, many of the exciting ones are soooo expensive. so, we haven’t decided on where to go…

in the late afternoon, ari and i went to the YWCA in Fort Canning to pick up Mande, one of the RangerBastards who’s currently visiting Singapore in his school trip.


so, we went for drink (and later, dinner) in Clarke Quay, hung out on IndoChine and took a few photos. then, after 9, we walked around Orchard… it was right around the closing time, so the line for cab was long and there is hardly anyone in the malls.