~ Holland Village ~

30 May 2005


after talking to Rani about houses and apartments (and play with little Noe) on Sunday, ari and i decided to go to Holland Village to do housing survey. we were going to go there yesterday, but the rain was pouring verociously… so, today is the day.

the weather was scorching hot, but it didn’t stop us walking around the neighborhood to see what’s available. although ari has been there a few times, i’ve never been to Holland Village. so, i was kinda amused with the atmosphere there. i like it.

there are small cafes and restaurants scattered around the area. the groceries shopping is made easy, since the Cold Storage is just around the corner.


the people seems to be a little friendlier than the folks around the city. and that’s a good thing.

we had Katong Laksa for lunch, which was yummy, as usual. then, we went straight to the Chip Bee Garden, the housing area that Rani recommended. they have a quite affordable terrace houses to rent, and they’re cute! ari and i would looooove to have a living space with small garden. we can have plants. we want to have a pet (maybe a dog or a cat…). and we want a larger working area. this seems to satisfy our needs.

the only downside of the area is that currently, there is no MRT available near the Holland Village. the closest one is Buona Vista, and it’s quite a walk… (hey, maybe it’s an excuse to have bicycles!). however, the Circle Line is planned to go across Holland Village, which supposed to be completed about 5 years from now. that means, IF we ended up living there, we need to learn bus routes. and that shouldn’t be hard…

now, we just have to make sure that the price is within our reach.

too bad that there was no phone number to contact listed around the area, so we had to go back home and search in the internet.

so, i think tomorrow we’ll give them a call and check up on prices and look into the area further.

yay! i can’t wait!