~ today’s moth ~

21 May 2005

forget about the King of Moth that appears yesterday. today, there is another large one (yep, a different one) stopping by our apartment. even though it’s smaller than the yesterday’s one, this one is cooler, because it seems to have lost a quarter of its wing.


the picture looks pixelated because it was taken with the moth rest behind a frosted glass. after the big moth encounter yesterday, we decided to close our kitchen window at night, so the moth entry to the house is minimized. well, i guess it worked. because it ended up sitting outside of the apartment, sticking to the glass instead of hanging out in our bathroom or kitchen.


it left a little after midnight. i wonder where it goes… maybe to tell the other moths that our apartment is no longer accessible? anyways, ari got excited and want to have a daily photo of moths… i, on the other hand, would rather have a moth-free living space.