~ moth king ~

20 May 2005


after taking a shower, i found this moth in our apartment.

we’ve been having moth problems. there is at least a moth sitting around in our bathroom and kitchen. i’m not too sure why. last month, i’ve bought moth balls. it reduced the amount of moth swarming around, but it didn’t get rid of it.

and today, there is this large moth sitting on top of my head the whole time i was taking shower. this moth was biiiig: a little larger than ari’s palm. omg! now the King of Moth visits our apartment, too! i have to buy bigger moth balls, now!

by the way, this is moth, right? people told me that an easy way to tell the difference between moth and butterfly was that moths lands with open wings, while butterflies lands with upright wings. does that only applies on trees? i don’t know… but this one has a fat and fuzzy body… so i’m sure it’s a moth. besides, we’ve never had a butterfly came by our apartment.

anyways, i’m currently reading this Moth Invasion article, trying to find more alternatives on having these uninvited guests. if you have ideas or suggestions on what i should do, please let me know…