~ looking back ~

20 May 2005

10 years ago:
i turned 20 years old, a sophomore in college in the east of Pennsylvania. it was my first year living in my own apartment (still paid by the parents, though), living a full college life — non-hygienic and always lack of sleep . i hate computers and i still hand-write letters and use stamps for sending.

5 years ago:
i turned 25 years old, living in New York City. a worker bee in a dot-com company, ambitious and living for career. live in a small apartment in Queens, paid by my own salary. lots of party (read: alcohol) and still lack of sleep. however, this time, i love computers and i type faster than i write.

3 years ago:
i turned 27 years old, living in depression, trying to get out of New York City. i got sick of career and wouldn’t mind working in a small McDonalds. still, plenty of alcohol. this is the first time in thirteen years that i experienced homesick.

1 year ago:
I turned 29. i quit my job in Australia (yep, i left the States and moved to the other side of the world) and got married, which is something i’ve been looking forward to for the past 3 years. i still type faster than i write, but sleep is something that i have abundantly. oh, and i learn to type with my thumb pretty well on cellphones.

… is my birthday. I am turning 30 years old. getting worried over a little wrinkles around the eyes. learning how to be a wife and to cook. and at the same time still doing some freelance work. i sleep enough. i no longer bite my nails, but i’m still working on quitting smoking. alcohol intake is limited to beer and wine. so far, it’s a wonderful balance.