~ added wedding photos ~

05 April 2005

March has been a hectic month. so much errands to do, trying to put together a wedding party. so, once again, i neglected this on-line journal. but it’s all good.

tonight, i finally got all the pictures i have together, categorized, arranged, resized, and uploaded them into the site.

so, here they are:

Wedding - Registration of Marriage
Wedding - Registration of Marriage. 23 December 2004. the real date of our wedding, where our wedding is legally registered in Singapore.
Wedding - Church Ceremony
Wedding - Church Ceremony. 27 December 2005. pictures of our wedding, the church ceremony part, which took part in the morning of 27th of December in Singapore.
Wedding - Dinner
Wedding - Dinner. 27 December 2005. the dinner after the church ceremony. it’s not your typical wedding dinner, though. it’s still in Singapore.
Wedding Party - by Jessi
Wedding Party - by Jessi. 27 March 2005. the unofficial photos of our wedding party in Jakarta. taken mostly by Jessi, Ari’s sister.

i still don’t have the official Jakarta wedding photo, taken by Evelyn and Yaya. but once i got them, i’ll posted them on the site as well :)

to see the full album list, go to the photo list on the wedding day.