~ back in Singapore! ~

16 December 2004

i arrived in Singapore last night and probably won’t be back to Jakarta until next year… christmas, new year and wedding in Singapore… woohoo!

many people asked why i get married in Singapore, instead of in Indonesia. Ari and i are Indonesian afterall. well, in Indonesia, mixed-religion marriage is against the law. i don’t know exactly when the law is taken into effect, but it was definitely after i was born, since my parents could get married in Indonesia even though my dad is muslim and my mom is christian.

anyways, i’m all excited. it’s been over three years that we’ve planned to get married. the wedding band is done. last night, ari and i practice inserting the ring to each other’s fingers. ari’s knuckles are big, so he needs to rub some vaseline onto his ring finger to get the band through. even mine is sorta tight… it was a pain to take them off… (although the lady in the jewelry store said that tight is good. we’re not supposed to take ‘em off anyway, right?). as long as we don’t gain weight in the next few weeks, it should be fine.

ps: just found out via my tracker that the voting for ABA 2004 has started. and one of my favorite weblogs is listed there, as well. uhh, i’m torn… should i vote for myself (heh), or should i vote for him?

~ comment (3) ~

yeah mixed-religion marriages are problematic to do in indo… robert and i are having to do TWO weddings, in indo and in netherlands, twice the fun but i hope not twice the stress…

soal voting: hari ini elo vote buat diri sendiri, trus, besok vote buat yg lain, hehehehe…

yasmina | 16 December 2004 - 03:55 | reply

cieee..senangnya..wish I could be there, euy…tapi pokoknya yang maret pasti gue hadir deh..

btw temen kantor gue ada yg gue kasih liat godote ama scrap book elo, trus dia lagi bikin print ad buat feminax yang tipe illustrasinya gaya elo banget. dia nanya2 soal elo, dan kira2 elo berminat gak terlibat dlm project taun depan? Let me know ya..Kalo jan-maret elo sibuk banget buat the next wedding ya jangan..tapi sayang juga kalo engga..hehehe

alfa | 17 December 2004 - 04:39 | reply

*as long as we don’t gain weight in the next few weeks, it should be fine.* hehehe watch out, this might become a problem later on. I used to wear my band on my right hand, now that i have gained ‘some’ pounds i can only wear it on my left. and hmmm i don’t wear it all the time *wadezig* but i guess that’s alright, right? hehehe it’s what’s ‘inside’ that counts…allaaa gombal gua ah…:P

noel | 17 December 2004 - 11:23 | reply