~ green scarf ~

21 October 2004

i’ve been extra productive lately in terms of yarn and stuff. it has something to do with me fasting. i just found out that the smoking temptation decreases by a whole lot when knitting or crocheting. computer work is bad, cause it makes me want to smoke even more. but i could forget about smoking by keeping my hands busy with those needles. yeah, smoking is the hardest thing to avoid during fasting. eating and drinking? naah, i’m easily distracted from hunger.

anyways, remember this green scarf? i finally finished it.

the green scarf
this thing looks like a cheezy clothing catalog with bad print job… ugh.

took me a while to get it done because i got side-tracked with all of those crochet stuff. for some reasons, i work faster with crochet than knitting. i think i find knitting is a little bit more boring than crochet. i couldn’t stop except for eating and sleeping when i do a crochet project.

hmm, i don’t like the way the fringes turn out. i was running out of yarn, so the fringes look sadly thin and skinny. i like bulky and healthy fringes. yeah… i’ll probably take them out later… i also like long scarves, but — again — i ran out of yarn (bought them when i was in Melbourne), so this is the longest it can go.

i need more yarn… or else, i’ll start smoking…

~ comment (2) ~

buset, maha produktif skali dikau thalia! have you thought about giving up your day job and starting on a new path of catalogue-modelling? hahaha ;)

yasmina | 21 October 2004 - 06:58 | reply

ah, didn’t i tell you that i’m unemployed? i’ve given up my day job a while ago! that’s how i can find time to make those stuff… ;) and lemme think about the new career path, haha.

thalia | 22 October 2004 - 01:32 | reply