~ garage trip and new knitting project ~

29 September 2004

i brought my little beetle to the garage today. the service light has been blinking for a few days, which means time for oil change. i also reported that the gas has not been stable. it goes above 1000RPM in random times and it makes the car jumps ahead sometimes. so far, it’s managable, but i’m worried that it’ll get me into an accident someday. so, the little guy costs me a few hundred dollars to fix. yikes. i’m broke now.

i also started a new scarf project today. it’s green and it’s not a warm scarf.


i still have a hat and another scarf to finish, but i lost interest in them. the hat turned out to be too big for my head (and for all my friends and relatives heads too!), and the scarf is too warm to wear here in the tropical country. but i like wearing scarf. so i ended up with this new project.