~ the birthday tattoo ~

14 October 2004

Ditha’s birthday was on October 13 (happy birthday!!). as a birthday present, Noushka got her a new tattoo. in the past few days, Ditha has been tinkering with the design that she did herself.

the whole tattooing process was done at Ditha’s home, since Kobes (the tattoo artist) does somekind of tattoo-delivery — kinda like pizza, but we get tattoo instead. it’s very convinient, isn’t it? and his works are awesome too (he’s done Ditha, Noush and Chili — my aunt).

i told her to change to a nice looking bra since i’m going to put this up on the site, but she didn’t care… o well.

Ditha’s back was full of scratches from the squirrels and it made me wonder if it add more pain during the tattoo process. probably not, since the tattoo will cause bigger and more painful wound anyway.

supposedly, nape and upper-back areas are the most painful area to be tattooed… i wouldn’t know, but that’s what people told me. but for ditha, the left side is the most painful (the top and bottom wing on the left). she kept ouching and cursing during that part. makes me not wanting to get one… well, seeing someone on her third tattoo (you can see the other two in the photos in the album) cursing and all chickened me out… haha.

final tattoo

i love the design! and i think it turned out very well, matching with the shape of the body. the cute thing is, the two arrows on the top (what i called the bird heads, although Ditha disagree) move according to her head movement. when she turns her head to the right, the arrows point to the right as well. and the other around. it looks funny, as if we’re being told where she’s currently looking at.

as for me, no, i don’t have any tattoo (yet). it’s been over nine years since i wanted one, and i still haven’t been able to decide what artwork to put in my body permanently… if, one day, i finally want to get a tattoo and can’t think of any good design, i’ll probably ask Ari or Ditha to make me one.

oh, check out the rest of the picture in the photo album :)

~ comment (3) ~

cool tattoo. i always chickened out before getting tattoos; have a very low pain threshold. but now i’m over the thought of getting a tattoo, although my sister had one made recently and it looks quite cool (plus she said it was like getting your eyebrows plucked), so i’m wondering if i’m missing something.

how are you these days, thal?

yasmina | 20 October 2004 - 10:05 | reply

ah, same here. i don’t think i have low tolerance of pain, but the thought of being under constant pain for over an hour turns me off… (and i HATE eyebrow plucking!)

i’ve been well. fasting and all. the thoughest part is avoid smoking. haha. you don’t smoke, right?

thalia | 20 October 2004 - 10:24 | reply

cool design! but hiey tattoo :-S

heheh :D

echa | 20 October 2004 - 12:44 | reply