~ nyu + puru ~

07 October 2004

this is Nyu, sleeping

about a month ago, Noush and Ditha got two little squirrel — a boy and a girl. they’re cute little thing. the boy, Nyu, is a calm, cute and easy to get along with. he’d stay on your shoulder, eat from your hand, and isn’t scared of new people. the girl, Puru, on the other hand, is a cute panicky little thing. she easily jumps and runs upon hearing the faintest sound or movements. she once jumped over the second floor balcony into the fish pond in Noush house because she was scared. that scared the hell out of us… and we found out that squirrels can swim.

that’s Puru on the top, and Nyu being a sleepyhead. more pictures coming up in the next few days :)

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awwwww, sweet! i did not know squirrels were domesticated animals.

yasmina | 9 October 2004 - 04:56 | reply