~ mosquitos issues ~

06 October 2004

our house in Jakarta — the place i currently stay at — is swamped with… mosquitos. they are everywhere! under the computer desk, in my car, even under the blanket where i sleep. spraying the house with insect spray twice a day doesn’t even work anymore. they just keep breeding and multiplying.

the problem is their nest is right in front of our house. the open-drain that run across the house is completely clogged with trash and mud. it’s so disgusting…. and has become the mosquitos’ paradise. the amount of the mosquitos in this area can compete with the Amazon jungle.

the only way to avoid the bites is by wearing long pants, long sleeves and socks in the house. but with Jakarta super-hot-and-humid weather, that’s not an option. i have countless red dots on my legs, thanks to those blood-hungry creature.

erm, my foot doesn’t look like a foot in this picture… oh well.

so, hopefully by this coming Sunday, my (and my neighbours) red dot problems will be solved. the muddy clogged drain will be cleaned up. yay!

~ comment (4) ~

this is one thing that i am not missin’ at all… =)

avianto | 7 October 2004 - 01:13 | reply

waah.. harus disemprot lebih sering tuh. abis disemprot di injekin, soalnya obat nyamuk cuma bikin nyamuk pingsan doang :)… trus jangan lupa pake autan… hehehee

bow | 8 October 2004 - 03:30 | reply

seriously? cuman bikin nyamuk pingsan doang? wah… pantesan!

thalia | 8 October 2004 - 04:58 | reply

ohhhh.. poor leg
I think you must take a lulur every day to miss the red dot

fenny | 8 October 2004 - 04:17 | reply