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02 July 2004

okay, i’m jumping into the bandwagon, writing an entry about gmail. except that mine is the clueless version.

so, i heard about the gmail deal. it’s currently invitational based. it offers 1Gb of space, which is a lot! so much that i can’t think of a way of using it. there is anti-spam stuff, threading option, etc. how tempting. and it looks like all the cool kids have it. just kidding.

i’m currently using the email given by dreamhost, the hosting company where this whole avocadolite site and its sisters and brothers reside. i’ve been using the same email account since 5 years ago, and very reluctant to change. it can host up to 2Gb of mail. and it also have the anti-spam thing and webmail interface. but this gmail thing makes me want to re-think my decision. gmail must be that good to cause this whole fiasco, right? RIGHT?

so, could anyone please enlight me why you guys would use gmail? if you guys using dreamhost and would like to share your thoughts on gmail, i’d appreciate it very much.

thank you.

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read my weblog that ;)
there is an entry about especially that issue…

avianto | 2 July 2004 - 10:47 | reply

Thal, did you get an invite? Do you want one? Email me if you do, that way you can try it out yourself. :)

Gina | 3 July 2004 - 12:30 | reply

i actually haven’t really used it much. just like you, i’ve been using dreamhost email and my 6-yr old yahoo account… i guess we should just try to use it more to discover the cool features…

d | 9 July 2004 - 02:11 | reply