~ haircut and vote registration ~

01 July 2004

accompanied by Nia, i went to the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore to register myself to vote. the presidential voting is on this coming monday, and i would like to serve my rights (hehe, ehm). and, wow… the Embassy was huge! it was a large complex in the middle of an expensive residential area. they even have their own taxi queue (i guess it’s a little hard to find cabs in the middle of residential area, so it’s a convinient for us). if they cleaned it up and took care of it more diligently, i’m sure the complex would be very pretty. oh well…

after that, Nia and i spent the rest of the afternoon (and evening, for that matter) sat in a hair salon, getting our head done. it was a 4 1/5 hour long process, starting with choosing the style. nia got the whole treatment: perm, color, highlight, and cut. and for myself, i got haircut and dye job. it totally ran long. we thought it would only take around 2-3 hours. i felt bad for Ari, who waited for us to get dinner. i even cancelled our dinner plan with Rudy.

and no photo of the new hair. cause it looks very similar to the past haircut and it’d be redundant to keep posting similar photos. hehe.

ps: this entry is dedicated to nao, who nags.

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yaay thanks XD hehehe gackt penting bgt yah (maksutnya, “gak penting banget ya”)

naomi | 6 July 2004 - 06:18 | reply