~ mi face ~

21 January 2004


stuff i did earlier today. i was working on my laptop, and i had to transfer the file to another computer that has internet connection. then i realized that the drawing is very very yellow in this computer. i guess, my laptop has a different color setting…

by the way, i’m back in Jakarta. :)

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just one question : did you really make the basic schets (of the face) straight into the laptop ? or make the basic schets in the paper, then scanned it, and so on… (traditional way). Cause at this point, gw rada2 gaptek nih… (jujur, one word : mirip) ^_^ -vesuvio-

port_vesuvio | 22 January 2004 - 12:26 | reply

hello, vio! tracing dari poto di laptop, hehehe. curang :P

thalia | 22 January 2004 - 06:26 | reply

yaaa…. kalo gitu sih gwa juga bisa… curang !!! gwa kirain “hand’s skill”
tapi ngga pa2, yg penting orang ketipu kan ??? hehe ^_^

vesuvio | 23 January 2004 - 10:28 | reply

:) hehehe, back to jakarta…
so ngopiČ lagi nih ..

godote | 22 January 2004 - 01:12 | reply

boleee, kapan?

thalia | 22 January 2004 - 06:26 | reply

wah.. kapan ya.. aku sih sekarang available terus. asal nggak pas ada kerjaan aja :) taelaaa gaya banget

godote | 23 January 2004 - 01:25 | reply

MWAHHAHAHAHA i thought it was ME! lol

cia | 22 January 2004 - 06:23 | reply

hahaha, it actually does look like you. woah!

thalia | 22 January 2004 - 06:27 | reply

can i just say? immense talent and it just has a geometrical point to it.

eunae | 22 January 2004 - 11:47 | reply

awww, thank you :)

thalia | 22 January 2004 - 06:27 | reply

thats cool..it looks like something from that movie “waking life”

scogin | 23 January 2004 - 05:42 | reply

oh yeah, i didn’t realize it… it does look like their illustration thingy.

thalia | 24 January 2004 - 10:57 | reply

If you are using a CRT to design, make sure in the settings you set the color temperature to 6500 Kelvin (K). If it’s higher (9200K), the colors will look blue (warmer), if it’s lower (5600K) the colors will look reder (colder). Most good CRTs have this option. Laptops, do not.

Also, make sure the that the brightness is low enough that on a black background, the monitor is not emitting any light, in other words, it should be true black.

This free program will help you get your CRT looking as best as it can:


It is a bit cumbersome to use, but if you draw on a CRT it is especially important that the height and width of the image is geometrically correct (4x3), otherwise your drawings may look longer or wider on an appropriate calibrated monitor.

I like the picture. It does look like you.


Bac Man | 23 January 2004 - 06:10 | reply

hee, thanks mike :) CRT is a pain in the ass on calibration. i thought if i was using LCD, it would be easier. the desktop i was using has those flat screen thingy, so no CRT. but it still has some color difference. wonder why. i guess my dad (who owns the comp) like to tint everything yellow. hehe.

thalia | 24 January 2004 - 11:00 | reply

cool! i don’t mind the yellow :)

d | 24 January 2004 - 05:16 | reply

yay! thank you! … and don’t be depressed! :)

thalia | 24 January 2004 - 10:57 | reply

my my, that’s a very detail vector!!! how did you do that?

truegossiper | 29 January 2004 - 05:00 | reply