~ ninja dream + fire alarm ~

20 January 2004

i had a funny dream last night. Ari was a ninja. he was in a training to learn how to disguise himself, while i was a spectator. his sensei was interesting. he never appeared in his human form. he was a tree, a puddle, a pile of rocks… anything but human.

i think, at some point he told us: if you were a good ninja, no one would know how you actually look like. or something like that. neat, huh?

but the weirdest thing was, he could create food. no, not cooking. instead of shuriken, he would throw donuts and pieces of pizza. he said, this is a very useful ability for survival.

i think i read too much Naruto lately (along with this, i have to say that Kakashi rocks my world).

too bad the dream didn’t last long. the sound of smoke detector woke me up. it wasn’t the regular beep-beep-beep alarm. it was the non-stop high-pitch alarm. extremely annoying. even more annoying because we don’t know where it came from and don’t know how to turn it off. pfft.