~ end of year bbq + out to drink ~

19 December 2003

christmas week is approaching. today, we only had half day of work. starting at 1pm, we all sat around the Albert Park and had our company picnic and barbeque. nice.

it was a few bottles of beer accompanied with 2 hotdogs and 1/2 burger. then, after the picnic is over, we moved to 606 for more beer and talk. then, we moved again to the Belgian Beer garden across the street todrink more beer and meet a few more work colleague and their spouses. hoegaardens is good. it’s been a while since i had that.

as the night deepens, the people loosen up. they’re getting funnier and funnier. they were amusing and warm. of course, it’s all because of the alcohol. after so much beer (i think i had more than 10 glasses/bottles, i don’t even remember), i wasn’t feeling sick or anything. i didn’t even get hangover the next day. how amazing is that?

next week, i’d be alone again.