~ dead rat ~

16 December 2003

i was on the plane on my way to Brisbane tonight when i started to smell dead rat. i was sitting on the window seat, falling asleep, and the smell was faint. sometimes it’s there, and two seconds later it’s gone. then it started to grow stronger. i thought, if i found out that there is a dead rat in the plane, i will never ever fly with Qantas again.

and then i saw it. right below my armrest, about 3 inches from my elbow, a naked left foot was sticking out from the seat behind me. it wasn’t well-groomed and it stinks! eww!!

i immediately moved to the seat right next to me, and thanking god for having it empty.

then i started to wonder, what would i do if the seat wasn’t empty? i’ll be inhaling feet fume for the whole 3 hours. yuck! and what would i do if it was a longer flight, like 7 hours or so? double yuck! what would i do to prevent all those from happening?

first scenario:
i ask the flight attendant: excuse me, could you, um, ask the lady behind me to put her shoes back on? the, um, stench isn’t pleasant.

but then, i can’t imagine how the flight attendant would ask her that politely….

second scenario:
i turned around and ask the lady myself, as polite as i could be: hello, excuse me. would it be okay if you put your shoes back on?

naah, how about: excuse me, your foot is a bit smelly. could please you put your shoes back on?

or: hello, i have a favor to ask… could please, um, you wash your feet in the restroom? i would very much appreaciate it.

i could say: yo, get that fuckin feet of yours away from me! they stink!

either way, i can’t think of any way to say tell a stranger that their feet odor is bothering me. politely. telling someone that their zipper open is much, much easier.

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excuse me, can you play dragon breath outside this plane please :). Thank you

godote | 17 December 2003 - 01:01 | reply

oh my, i wouldn’t know what to do if i were in that situation. when i saw someone with their zipper open, i had to think for several minutes before i finally decide that i SHOULD tell her. hihihi.. besides, don’t they feel it? be tolerant, people!!

sLesTa | 17 December 2003 - 01:51 | reply

i know, right? i don’t understand how come she couldn’t smell her own feet. she should’ve known that the smell would bother people, especially in a closed space like airplanes.

thalia | 18 December 2003 - 05:02 | reply

ewww… that’s awful! yeah i know what you mean, there’s no easy way to tell someone they stink, and yet you don’t really wanna suffer the smell either. oh the dilemma!

d | 17 December 2003 - 03:30 | reply

yeah, it’s definitely something that i would like to avoid as much as i could. that’s why i just moved seat, hehe.

thalia | 18 December 2003 - 05:03 | reply

ewww….stinky feet. that’s yucky banget sih. i used to have a friend who had a stinky feet, wahh kalo pergi ama dia, betein bener. tapi masa gue mesti bilang eh kaki elo bau banget sih, kesian juga…i dont know how to be open to that person then…ihaihaiahiha…

how bout, u talked to the person next to you aja thal, bilang “gosh…it’s so smelly around here, wonderin if there’s any deadrat here? the smell came under the seat hahaha…” trus ngomongnya yg agak loud gitu, biar si empunya kaki nyadar gitu lagi dicela hihihi..maybe it works? :)

velas | 17 December 2003 - 04:47 | reply

:) ini kayaknya cara yang paling bagus deh.

godote | 17 December 2003 - 04:49 | reply

hehehe, that’s a good idea! too bad the wo seats next too me were empty. i should’ve made that conversation with the flight attendant :P

thalia | 18 December 2003 - 05:00 | reply

my favorite scenario.

umar | 17 December 2003 - 07:52 | reply

or.. you can asked the flight attendance like this “excuse me.. could you spray some air refreshner around here ‘coz I’m sure there’s something smelly around here and I don’t know what”

Lola | 18 December 2003 - 05:14 | reply

get your f***in feet out of this plane… or i should cut it for you?

desperate.. frustated.

sg | 22 December 2003 - 11:03 | reply