~ are you lonely? ~

09 March 2003

ari was here today. after resting and all, we went to watch movie together. after that, we just talked at my house. i talked and talked. telling all the stories of what i have been doing. reading comics, what comics are they, what they’re about, each and every one of them, that i have learned to knit, and this is how i knit, left handed instead of right handed. blah blah. i didn’t stop talking.

then he said, “are you lonely?”

i didn’t really understand where that was coming from. so i said, no. i’m kinda happy that i can read 20 books in a week, that i can learn how to knit. etc etc.

“you never really talk to anyone this much, right?”

then i realized… i didn’t stop talking. i told him everything… to every little thing that even bore him to sleep. but he was awake. and responed to my story with little comments here and there. he smiled whenever i was excited. he listens….

maybe i was lonely. or maybe, i just missed you… that you could no longer know everything about me. and i just want to fill you in.