~ office christmas party ~

06 December 2003

we had an office christmas party last night, which i didn’t know it exist until the last minute. as a light traveller, i don’t take party clothes with me. lately, my wardrobe consists of jeans, cargo pants and t-shirts.

i spent 15 minutes to shop for an emergency Xmas party outfit. and i still ended up arriving late to the party and sooo damn underdressed. the dress code was black tie (and black long dress). if you know Melbourne, maybe you know 9 Darling street venue. that’s where we had the party.

oh well.

i had a great time anyway. we ate yummy food. wines, beer, champagne. we danced like we were in college parties.

after that, i tag along a bunch of co-workers to another bar called Bimbo (ha!). the bar has a huge pink baby on the signage and a looong line to get in. we got in, though. and we sat in this igloo-like room, which was kinda cool, except the the couple who sat next to us didn’t want to stop making out and get a room.

after mingling with new people, a beer and a glass of water, i left. got home around 3:30AM and crashed to bed.

i wish i had brought my camera.