~ car accident ~

05 December 2003

i was late to get into the office today and miss the first half of my own meeting. not only we took a wrong turn near my house, but there was also an accident at the intersection of High Street and Williams. i didn’t get to see the mess, because by the time we get to the intersection, the car has already being lifted to a flatbed.


a few policemen are still left in the area… some people are sweeping the road, getting rid of broken glass.


as you can see, it was on helluva traffic jam.


i’m sure i wasn’t the only person in Melbourne who was late to work and missed meetings.

~ comment (2) ~

eh, rapih banget ya itu trafficjamnya kagak ada yang nyelip˛

godote | 8 December 2003 - 07:02 | reply

bwahahahah! iya ya? gue juga baru nyadar. disini jarang sih ada yang nyelap nyelip. lagian, ada polisi juga tuh disitu. nyari mati lah, kalo nyelip…

thalia | 8 December 2003 - 08:16 | reply