~ the day after eid ~

26 November 2003

so, i got sick today. this horrible headache from yesterday doesn’t go away. i think it’s the combination of crying too much (bebe thing), sudden warm weather, and a busy day yesterday.

i’ve never met that many people in one day since i’ve been in Melbourne. my aunt and uncle picked me and my mom, and took us to various people’s houses that i’ve never met before. the first house that we stopped by had a very good food. i couldn’t help but asking for second. and i still don’t know who their names are, why we were there, etc.

then, we went to the Indonesian Consulate. every Eid, the consulate will have an open house, where the food is excellent and Indonesians would hang out there to get their tummy fed.

after that, we all went to my aunt’s new apartment, stayed there for a good 2-3 hours, where i spent most of my time crocheting and playing with Zaki (Lendra’s son).

then we went to another house, where i was introduced to Amanda, Anissa and Soraya. 3 girls. we gossiped for such a long time out in the porch, and by the end of the night, i feel so bloated from being in the cold too much.

i think, i better rest now.