~ irwan’s get together ~

10 August 2003

today i went to a co-worker’s house. he’s hosting a get together party due to his birthday. Irwan, the host, rented a cute and lovely little apartment right across Prahan station. terrific location with terrific furniture that comes with the apartment.

the get-together was interesting. there were about 15 people there, including 4 little children. they are all indonesians. most of them are married and came with their spouse. i think i was one of the three unmarried people in there.

Meta, the wife of the host, kept calling me “mbak thalia”, which means something like “big sister thalia”. of course there is nothing wrong with this, cause she’s in fact younger than me, and my brother and most of my younger cousins called me the same way…

there is one thing, though. it reminds me to the situation when i was still in grade school, where my mom goes to office party and everyone called her “mbak”. it makes me feel like i’m old, like my mom. maybe “adult” is a better word than “old”, but i feel more “old” than “adult”. like, it’s time to turn to be like my mom. i’ve reached that age, huh?

so, please call me thalia. just thalia, please.

anyways, the food, which was cooked by Meta (Irwan’s wife) was delicious. i ended up taking some of them home to share with it my dad. and i love the fact that people get together and get along. lovely, isn’t it?