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19 September 2003

in regards to the last entry about cars and traffic jam, today i tried to take a different means of transportation…


bajaj is a modified scooter. cool, huh? i think the last time i rode one of these things was when i was still in elementary school. coming back from dropping my new beetle in the garage (it maes strange sounds), chilli and i was going to take a cab home, but the bajaj guy was such a good salesman, we ended up taking his ride.

and, yeah, the ride was quicker than if we took a cab. the only thing is it shakes the whole way down like a milkshake maker. and we smell like gazoline.

but the guy wear a cool shirt that says “aku cinta bajaj” (trans. i love bajaj”).


(photos are taken with my T610’s digital camera. woohoo! i finally can transfer photos from my phone to the computer!)

ps: i deleted the first comment on this entry. it was supposed to be a personal email to me and ari, but it accidentally got posted here.

so… Scogin, i ended up deleted your posts too, including the repeated one ;) i hope you don’t mind… hehe.

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ha, glad you did

scogin | 20 September 2003 - 02:12 | reply

hanya tuhan dan tukang bajaj yang tau si bajaj mau kemana..bisa tiba2 belok,mundur ato muter tanpa aba2! he2

pongki | 20 September 2003 - 02:03 | reply

i am from indonesia

ilham | 24 October 2004 - 09:48 | reply