~ generationrice + back in jakarta ~

15 September 2003

after an active last month, this month’s updates seems extremely scarce… so, where have i been? well, last week i was in singapore, hanging out with ari, her sister and some friends. i also bought a new laptop, but i’ve been talking all about it anyway. so, after that, what happened?

i spent the first 2 weekdays in singapore learning MySQL with noel and godote via instant messenger. i was in singapore, godote in jakarta and noel is in the states…. so, who said that instant messengers are creating an ineffective working environment?

the rest of the weekdays was spent in developing a website: designing and creating the database, playing around with html and css, data entry of the old archives into the database… etc etc. i finished the site on friday night. that way, i can spend the weekend with ari again.

this morning, i flew back to Jakarta.

tonight, cia and i launched generationrice version 5, the site that ari designed and i was working on all last week.

even though i’m exhausted, i’m so very proud: i finally learned how to use database (it’s about time, no?) and i broke another record for developing generationrice. when ari and i did version 3, we did it in 2 weeksin this version, we did it in less than a week. woohoo!

of course, huuuuuge thanks to godote. cause without his patience in guiding me through MSN Messenger for 6 hours, i’d still be screaming and kicking the chair right now.

and, oh, please let me know if you find bugs or anything that’s wrong in generationrice.

~ comment (3) ~

ah.. so this is your “22 o’clock launched” website… =)

avianto | 16 September 2003 - 08:49 | reply

and it also tableless, kewl!! add a meta tag about character encoding and it will be a valid HTML 4.01 =)

avianto | 16 September 2003 - 08:51 | reply

wow, this is really cool. i like a lot. cant believe you guys did this in a week. damn.

scogin | 19 September 2003 - 02:51 | reply