~ Kemang, TA, and Just Married sign ~

15 July 2003

yesterday, we watched so many movies. first was that Shiko Fnjatta (see previous entry).

when we got home, ari, nao and i watched Hero, which has tons and tons of beautiful scenes. ari has been recommending this movie to me for a long time. it sucks that i missed its playing time in the big screen. i’m sure the movie would be more amazing if i watched it in the theather with huuuuuge screen and kick-ass sound system. for now, i just have to settle for my tv at home.

right before nao an i went to bed, we watched a few CDs of Winter Sonata again.

so today, we decided to reduce our TV’s gamma ray intake. we drove around Kemang, visited Machiko Manga School, had some oyster snack at Aozora and bought some CDs at Aksara (it’s a bookstore, but they have excellent CD collection!).

sometime in the afternoon, ari called to meet up at Taman Anggrek, this huge mall on the other side of Jakarta. we all went there, did some window shopping and watched people playng ice skating and, later, ice hockey.

Ideo and venny, two of our friends, met up to have dinner with us. they’re getting married in the next few months, and have been busy with the preparation. this coming friday, they’re going to take another wedding picture. the setting was neat: underwater while both of them hodling a just married sign. so, after dinner, we spent the next half an hour to make the sign out of styrofoam and permanent marker in the middle of mall foodcourt while watching kids playing ice hockey. it was fun fun fun!

ps: nao is staying over my place, since our moms are off to the beach for a few days.