~ shiko funjatta ~

14 July 2003

ari, nao and i went to see Shiko Funjatta at the Japanese Film Week at TIM. we all came out of the theater with tears from too much laughing. the movie was made sometime in 1992, about a bunch of guys enrolled in a dying university sumo club. at that at that time, sumo isn’t included in a “cool” club category (like, say, basketball or surfing club). the guys aren’t typical sumo wrestlers either. some of them are skinny as stick, one of them is a gaijin (white guy), and the rest are… well, you just have to watch it. it’s probably one of the most hillarious movie i’ve ever seen.

for those of you who are in Jakarta, the movie will be played again on July 20th at 7:30PM. be there :)