~ bowling ~

03 May 2003

i went bowling with 20+ other people tonight. they’re all family members, and the bowling alley that we went belongs to one of my uncles. neo’s family called and picked me up, so i didn’t have to drive. we had three lanes for ourselves: 1 for the kids, 1 for the adults, 1 for… us. the teens (in this case, i’m not including myself as an adult, even though i was the only one there above 20… waaay above 20 years old).

as usual, i suck. i have always sucked at bowling. at one point, the kids (who are around 10 years old) even beat my score… how sad. but that’s okay. it’s been a while i went out on saturday night and had that much fun :)

before we left the bowling alley, we got to have 2 songs karaoke… hehehe. it’s a little addiction of ours, eh? since it was late, i ended up staying over neo’s house.

ps: i forgot about this little thing. i made a mini-me a few days ago. check out the rest of the crew at godote’s forum. they’re so cuuute! (oh, by the way, all the posts are in indonesian. but don’t worry, you can still enjoy the little people.)

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mini-me….there’s a dr. evil joke in there somewhere.

pete | 14 May 2003 - 12:41 | reply