~ sick ~

02 May 2003

i had fever and sore throat for the past few days. all i did was sleep, sweat, eat and back to sleep. i slept so much that i didn’t even remember what day was yesterday, today and tomorrow. it was a horrible flu.

thank god it was just flu, though. everyone, including myself, was worried that i somehow got the famous SARS when i was travelling on planes. the whole time i was sick, i kept telling myself, hey, i wore the face mask! i wouldn’t have gotten SARS.

well, i feel much better today. i took my first shower after a few days of feeling icky from too much sweat. no fever, no body-ache, no SARS. yay! maybe tomorrow, once all this light-headedness is gone, i can start driving around again.

~ comment (2) ~

gak papa ko, virusnya SARS kan gak tahan di tempat panas… matinya cepet (bener loh!). tapi kalo kamarmu dingin terus, ya… *grins*

neo-sama | 3 May 2003 - 07:34 | reply

get well soon

ira | 4 May 2003 - 10:45 | reply