~ at noush’s place ~

16 December 2002

ari finally came by. he needed to pick up his stuff that were stored in mine and ramanda’s suitcases when we left NYC. he didn’t stay long, though. i had to go to the office to run some errands. so, he tagged along with me. we took a cab, cause i was too scared to drive today. and, gosh… the cab driver we had was a nutcase! he drove like a maniac… it took him 17 minutes to drive us from Pejaten (Ps. Minggu) to Kuningan (RS. Aini). he almost got us into an accident, too. i kept thinking that this is the kind of driver that makes mescared driving here in Jakarta….

later that night: i’m staying over at noushka’s home tonight for two reasons. first, i need to start working tonight at 9pm. with no computer or internet connection at home, working with a company in the US would be a problem… my uncle (noushka’s dad) has a nice computer with fast internet connection. and he doesn’t mind me using it in weird hours (like 11pm at night or 5 in the morning).

second reason is, tonight is noushka’s last night here in Jakarta. she’s moving to Australia for a few months to do some work training. i thought it was kinda ironic that the whole 10 years i was away, she was here in Jakarta. everytime i go for a vacation, i’d hang out with her. by the time i come back for good, she is leaving to live in OZ… *sigh*.

i used to live at her current home for a few weeks when my family just moved to Jakarta 12 years ago. and i think, that was the last time i went to that house. it’s kinda interesting to see how it looks like after not seeing it for a long time. her dad had a few fish in the pond inside the house. that night, we sat next to the little pond while eating durians… yumm.