~ chilli’s birthday party ~

15 December 2002

last night was fun. chilli and joshua are having their birthday celebration, so tons of family and friends showed up. awesome food, too. noushka and i made twister board on the floor using colored paper and tape along with the spinning board thing. i played the first round, and damn, it was exhausting. it feels like i’m doing yoga, stretching all the muscles. it was even more fun seeing my aunts playing… haha.

around 3am, noushka and i drove my dad, ramanda and fenny (ramanda’s girlfriend) home, and i came back to chilli’s house to stay over. we watched a few old videos from 8 years back, where my cousins were only in kindergarten and i was as fat as a cow. yikes!

as for today, i drove back home in the morning, relaxed watching TV with fenny. later that night, the 12 of us went to PIM (one of the malls in Jakarta) to buy some books and eat dinner.

it’s nice to live around family… that’s the one thing i missed a lot when i live in the States.

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you went to PIM and didn’t even call me =P. i live and work around PIM, thal. (see that nice tall building with ericsson logo… that’s my office).

avianto | 19 December 2002 - 11:38 | reply

oh really? email me your #! i go there often.

thalia | 19 December 2002 - 09:17 | reply


avianto | 20 December 2002 - 10:59 | reply