~ dinner + ramanda ~

27 November 2002

after a few months of trying to have dinner together, rachel and i finally made it tonight. we were going to go to El Rey Del Sol for some good mexican food and margarita, but she found out it was closed. instead we went to Crispo, an italian restaurant nearby. turned out it was a good choice! the weather was waaaay to cold for margarita, so wine was a much better drink. and the food was excellent. we got a complimentary salad since they took long in cooking our dinner, which was fine for us… we got more time to catch up and gossip. :D

ramanda, my brother arrived from savannah tonight around midnight. so, instead of going straight to bed after dinner, ari and i ended up sleeping around 4, playing some video games and browsing through ramanda’s portfolio, which is always fun. he got so many new comics and storyboards to see!